Student Poll 2016

This poll was conducted in 2016.

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This poll was conducted in 2016 and the first piece of information students were interested in is:

Do you agree that the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) allows you to carry a firearm on campus?

With all the crazies shooting up soft targets (like schools) these days, both parents and students voted in favor of campus carry, ensuring students will have the right to defend themselves against unjust aggressors. However, many left leaning faculty members and students were outraged that people want to be able to defend themselves while earning their education. We wanted to know how the students of Collin College felt about this right.

2nd Amendment

  • Yes
  • Yes, but not open carry
  • No
  • Don't Know

The next question asked was:

Do you believe you will have the same employment opportunities as your parents after college?

Please note that more than half of the students polled (55%) say they will have the same if not better employment opportunities as their parents after college. This will present a bit of a conundrum later on in the polls.

Employment Opportunities

  • Better Employment
  • Same Employment
  • Worse Employment
  • Don't Know

We then asked:

Do you believe free speech rights are defined by…
(Pick any that apply)

The correct answer, the U.S. Constitution, barely won by 51%. That means nearly half of Collin College students don’t know where their inalienable rights come from or which document protects these rights. Most parents move to Collin County because of the school system. Based on these answers, it makes one wonder what kind of education did your children really receive? The answer choices were the U.S. Constitution, Organizational Rules (Corporations, Colleges, etc.), Cultural Acceptance, Individual Opinions, All Of The Above, and I Don’t Know. Our chart reflects the most answers given.

Free Speech

  • U.S. Constitution
  • All Of The Above
  • Cultural Acceptance

Our next student question was:

What should happen to the minimum wage?

We wanted to know how students, who most likely have never run a business, would vote knowing only one side of this issue. The response is not surprising.

Minimum Wage

  • Increase Minimum Wage
  • Decrease Minimum Wage
  • Stay The Same
  • Abolish Minimum Wage
  • I Don't Know

We then wanted to know why students were attending college:

For what reason are you attending college?
(Pick any that apply.)

We were curious to gauge how many students wanted to attend college of their own accord versus students who were being driven by outside influences.

Why Attend College?

  • Parents Want Me To
  • Earn A Degree
  • Get A Good Job
  • Industry | Employer Requirement
  • Other
  • I Don't Know

With 2016 being a presidential election year, we wanted to know which candidate the students were interested in:

Which candidate do you support for President?

Again, based on previous answers, it’s not surprising to see that most Collin College students are feeling the Bern.

My President

  • Clinton
  • Cruz
  • Kasich
  • Sanders
  • Trump
  • Other
  • Not Voting
  • I Don't Know

Finally, we wanted to know what the students felt was the biggest issue facing our nation. This is where the conundrum comes in.

What do you think are the most important issues your age group faces now or in the future?

As you can see below, most students think our economy and job opportunities are the biggest issues their age group is facing. This is the same group of students who also believe their job opportunities will be the same, if not better, than their parents. It’s hard to understand how they will have better job opportunities if they also feel the economy and jobs are the top issues of the day. Maybe these students plan to solve the economy issues with socialism. Unfortunately for America, these students have probably never been taught that socialist governments tend to crash and Bern.

Thank you to all the students and AAP volunteers for helping us make this poll. We look forward to working with you again next year!

Top Issues

  • Economy / Jobs
  • Tuition Costs
  • Wages
  • Health Care
  • National Security
  • Immigration Reform
  • Drub Abuse
  • Abortion
  • Welfare Abuse
  • Infrastructure