Allen Area Patriots

Message to Allen Area Patriots

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Allen Area Patriots is suspending its
meetings until it is safe to meet in larger numbers.  In the interim, we
will disseminate helpful information by email, our website, and by
Facebook.  We have many wonderful patriots who want to be useful in this
time of crisis.  If you know anyone who is able to help, please send
them the information below.

We will also be praying for this to resolve quickly and that everyone
stays well.

May God Bless You All,
Steve Duke
Chairman AAP & the AAP Board

How you can help

Texas needs medical volunteers, extra medical supplies like goggles,
masks, gowns, etc. , and home sewn face masks.  If you can help,
register here:

There are many Youtube videos online to learn to sew a face mask with a
filter pocket.  A simple video is here:

Resources for those who are suddenly homeschooling and need support and

In the coming weeks, our health workers will welcome donated meals.
Please consider ordering from our local restaurants for delivery.

We meet the 4th Thursday of the month except November and December.  Please bring a friend!

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