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AAP October Meeting

Our mission is to motivate our local citizens to participate in all levels of government for the protection of liberty, through awareness, education and action.

In support of our mission statement, we are not holding our regularly scheduled monthly meeting and the Board of Allen Area Patriots encourages ALL of our members and email recipients to use the meeting time to get out the vote for November.   Every election is critical, but each time the stakes seems to get higher and November 2018 is no exception.  We have provided some volunteer opportunities below that are a critical need for the GOTV effort.  As you know, early voting starts Monday, October 22nd .

We appreciate all of our members who are taking action to help Conservative candidates and to encourage our like-minded friends and neighbors to vote.  Any amount of time you can contribute to the get of the vote effort helps to further the protection of liberty for ourselves and future generations.  This is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines -we encourage you to get in the game! 

Poll Greeters Needed!
It is CRITICAL that we have poll greeters at as many locations as possible. By using this sign-up form we can have coverage throughout Collin County.

It’s easy with the website links below:
1. Choose a polling location to greet voters.
2. Pick one of the available time slots and sign up.
3. Pass the signup to friends/family and encourage them to poll greet!

Sign-Up by clicking on the links below:

Early Voting – Week 1 –

Early Voting – Week 2 & Election Day –

Phone Banking
If you are interested in block walking or phone banking, please contact us at Cole Moore at 817-751-9926



We meet the 4th Thursday of the month except November and December.  Please bring a friend!

Dr. Duke Pesta - Speaks on the crisis in American Education